Dashboard numbers explained

Monday, October 11, 2021

The Loyalistic dashboard shows you the key numbers in a glance. You can see how your content marketing operation is running and how well you are attracting leads.

We often get questions about how each number is calculated, that is, where the numbers come from. So here we try to answer those questions.

New visitors acquired
The number of new people arriving to your tracked services. Basically the number of users (identified and unidentified) we see landing for the first time.
New contacts captured
The number of contacts created during the time frame (month/year). This number does not include contacts imported from a file or from a CRM integration.
New leads qualified
The number of contacts you have marked as qualified leads. Actually, this includes all contacts that have been moved forward from the initial marketing lead status.
Website traffic
This is the number of page landings on your website (or any other tracked service, apart from blogs and Honeypots hosted by Loyalistic). One user can create several page landings and each landing increases this number.
Blog traffic
The number of page landings on your blogs hosted by Loyalistic. As with website traffic, one user can make several page landings while reading your blog(s).
Honeypot traffic
This is the number of page landings on your Honeypots. Calculation logic is the same as for the website and the blog traffic, several page landings can be created by one user.
Top capture forms
A list of Honeypots with most contacts collected. The number after a Honeypot name indicates the number of contact events on that Honeypot. If one person fills out the contact form more than once, each form submission still counts towards this number.
Number of touches

This graph indicates how often your contacts are returning to your content. Each touch indicates a separate session. This means that if a contact first arrived yesterday and then came back today, the number of touches for that contact is 2.

The more touches a contact has, the more likely they are interested in buying your products or services. Our theory is that at least 7 touches are needed to indicate a strong interest.