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What happens when I have more contacts than my plan allows?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Your Loyalistic plan has a limit on how many contacts you can have with that plan.

For this limit, only working unique email addresses are counted, thus any contacts who have marketing denied or where email has bounced back are not counted.

You'll see the notification once you exceed your limit. This is a soft limit allowing you to have a bit of headroom before you hit a higher hard limit where e.g. email recipients are cut off.

So you have time to upgrade to a plan with higher limit or cleaning up your contacts. Maybe you can delete contacts that have been unresponsive to your marketing. A softer approach is to deny marketing to them, this will preserve their data and history.

Please note, that the notification does not indicate whether you have hit the hard limit, so progress carefully if you are way over your plan's limit

What is counted as a Contact?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Your plan is limited to certain number of contacts, but what is counted as a contact here?

In short: A unique email address you can send marketing to.

Each unique email address creates a contact within Loyalistic. It's case insensitive, thus it does not matter whether it's written in upper or lower case.

In technical sense, you won't have duplicate email addresses.

However people might use multiple email addresses or have multiple domain names or email aliases connected to the same mailbox. Each creates separate contact. There is no technical way to detect which belong to the same person and which are a different person.

The next thing is whether you can send marketing to the address?

You can if the contact belongs to at least one list, the contact have not banned marketing, and the address is still working. If the delivery fails for a permanent reason, the contact is blocked and omitted from further attempts or campaigns.